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Webshop system

Functionality at a glance

same product, several variants

Variant products

If your webshop sells the same product in several variants, it is worth considering using product variants.

The best example of a variant product is a t-shirt in 3 sizes and in 4 colors. Instead of having 12 products in the webshop, there is only 1 but in 12 variants. Each variant has its own SKU and stock.

Customers can see all variants of products at once. And at the same time it facilitates your administration of products in the webshop.
webshop variant products
webshop search tags
let your customers find your products

Search tags

In our webshop you can create a number of search tags, which are attributes that characterize goods across product catalogues.

For example, if you sell glasses, a strength of -1.75 could be a target that applies across the product catalogues: glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses and so on. Search tags are displayed in the webshop as direct links to products with this tag.
easy order handling

Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is incredibly important for your customers to have a good experience with purchases in your webshop. A good buying experience means returning customers.

In our webshop, each order has a history of steps in the fulfillment of an order, so you can ensure that no order is lost and customers are lost.
webshop order fulfillment
webshop integrations
integration to your webshop

Webshop integrations

We offer integrations for:

Methods of payment
You can choose to offer your customers different payment methods so that you do not lose a customer because your webshop does not offer the payment method that the customer prefers.

Carriage companies
You can set up integration for freight company, and charge for freight based on the total weight of the order or the total price of the order.
webshop cookie consent
Cookie consent with webshop

Cookie consent

Cookie acceptance is required by law and you as a webshop are responsible for your webshop complying with applicable legislation.

Our webshop system offers the possibility that you can set which cookies are used in your webshop.
webshop Cookie consent

Get startet, it is easy

Webshop system for everyone

If you are a technical wizard or if you simply understand IT on a user level, then our webshop system is for you.
Here we will look at some selected areas of the webshop that may be of interest to many:

1) Webshop system: Everything included

2) Design & appearance of webshop system

3) Webshop system's pagebuilder

4) Navigation in webshop top menu

5) Messages to customer from webshop system

6) Focus on order handling

7) Variants and prices

8) Rebates

1) Webshop system: Everything included

Our webshop system has been developed with 2 clear purposes:

Getting started quickly means in practice that we have tried to make all the necessary settings in your webshop system in advance, so that you will be able to see your webshop as soon as you log in for the first time.
Everything included means that we will include all functionality that you typically need in a webshop system. We have seen plenty of other webshop systems where you often have to go out and install extra plugins just to have a normal operation of a webshop system.

2) Design & appearance of webshop system

In terms of design, our webshop system is built around the use of design templates. This means that there are templates on several levels: There are design templates for the entire webshop, there are templates for the top menu and there are templates for buttons.
These templates are also designed to provide a stylish design. This means, for example, that there are only 3 different button templates for a weshop. We could make more, but if there are more than 3 different types of buttons in a webshop, they will confuse the user.
The design is modern and must make it possible to use new design trends within web design, so that your webshop always looks modern.

3) The webshop system's page builder

The webshop system's page builder is a drag & drop system, where design and function elements are dragged into sections on the page.
This system apply on all pages. So, for example, you can have a product grid on the page with the product card.

The system is also divided into a number of fixed pages, which must be in a webshop. It is a front page, a product catalog, a shopping cart and so on. These pages cannot be deleted, as they are a permanent part of all webshops

4) Navigation in webshop top menu

Gradually, the top menu, as the primary navigation, has become standard for all webshops. The reason for this is simply that the top menu is the most practical.
In our webshop system, you can decide: the order of the top menu, use different naming for menu items, omit menu items and more.
There are also 2 menus in the footer of our webshop where you can link to additional information. This information may be important, but secondary to many customers on the webshop.

5) Messages to customer from webshop system

When you buy an item on a webshop, you receive typical messages about: 1) That the order has been registered 2) When the order has been dispatched. In our webshop system, these 2 messages can be adapted to your needs.
We use wildcard, which is a text string that is replaced with content in relation to the order. An example here would be the text string "{order content}" which is replaced with the order order lines when it is sent to the customer.

6) Focus on order handling

When a customer has purchased a product in your webshop system, the order must be delivered to the customer. This process is called order handling.
Our webshop system has a strong focus on order handling for 2 reasons:

There are some mandatory steps in any order handling, which are typically: Order form is printed, the items in the order are found, the item is packed, the item is shipped, the customer is notified and the customer's payment is deducted.
All of these steps can fail for various reasons. Therefore, there is a history in our webshop system, which means that the process can be resumed if it is interrupted.

7) Variants and prices

Product variants are the same product just in different variations of e.g. shape and color. It can be a t-shirt in 3 sizes and 5 colours.
The advantage of using variants is that you only need to create a product. In turn, each variant must have a price, SKU and stock.
For the customer in your webshop, it is a great advantage to only have to find one product. This provides a far more elegant buying experience, which in turn gives your webshop greater revenue.
The webshop system allows for a maximum of 3 variant parameters per product. If there were more than 3 variants, it would create confusion for the customer.
You create a variant type once in our webshop system, and then it is used several times.

8) Discounts

When marketing, discounts can be used, which are created in the webshop system. The discounts are a code that triggers a cash discount or a percentage discount on the customer's total order.
A discount runs for a period of time, after which it stops working. This is useful when you need to run a seasonal campaign, which could be: a summer sale, January sale, black friday and so on.
Discounts are therefore set up in the webshop system with 3 parameters:

There is a unique code for each discount that the customer can enter when ordering to trigger the discount.

We support these payment options: