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Webshop Features

We have the most important functions, that you need
to run a professional webshop.

All this is gathered in a very user-friendly interface.

You can do all this with our webshop

Order overview
Product overview
Product variants
Product tags
Product promotion
Inventory management
Receive order without payment
Resend order confirmation
Google optimization
Link for Facebook & Instagram
Free support
Secure payment
Option: Visa, Mastercard, etc.
Data export
Webshop builder
Option for own domain
Interface in multiple languages
Optimized for mobile, tablet, PC
Script in header & footer
CSS in header
Shipping labels
Customers favourites
If you need further functions, we would be happy to hear from you.
easy to use

We make it eazy
for you.

Our webshop is built as simply as possible, so you can get started quickly.

It is so simple that you can actually have an online shop with products and payment in less than 30 minutes.
webshop we make it eazy<br />
for you.
webshop professional<br />
flexible & scalable webshop


You get a professional webshop that has all the necessary functions for online sales in a webshop.

Order processing is structured so that each individual order is processed in a logical flow.
drag & drop

Page structure
in the webshop

All pages are built with drag & drop. Here there are elements to build flexible layout.

At the same time, there are drag & drop script elements that build functionality into your webshop.
webshop Page structure<br />
in the webshop

Functionality in a Webshop

Is there functionality in the webshop that you miss? So tell us. It is our clear objective that our webshop solution must meet the majority of the needs that our customers may have. This must be done without compromising the ease with which the webshop is set up and managed.

Functionality in the webshop is built around the flow that follows a typical online order of a product. This means that it must be easy to create and manage goods, as well as to categorize these goods, so that it provides a logical structure in the webshop.
In addition, the functionality must allow for an easy and elegant flow from the item card to a finished webshop order.
The webshop's functionality must provide a nice presentation of the webshop and its content. In order for a webshop to provide a continuous order flow, it is important that the webshop provides a distinctive customer experience, so that there are returning customers in the webshop.
Webshop functionality such as variant goods and product tags help your customers find the right thing as quickly as possible.

We support these payment options: