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Webshop with domain

Do you already have a domain?

If you already have a domain, you can get an active webshop by using a subdomain for your domain, such as:


Here "shop" is a subdomain which is pointed to our webshop server. At the same time, we set up our web server to respond to your domain.

See more under settings in the webshop.

New domain?

If you need a completely new domain for your webshop, we can register it for you and set it up in the webshop.

This means that you have everything with one provider and do not have to pay bills in 2 places.
webshop own domain
get your own domain

Why should I get a domain?

You can have a webshop that is only on our Shopeazy url, where you simply use the link that is when you see your webshop as a preview.
But it is preferable to have your own domain for a webshop:

- Your customers remember your webshop with a unique domain.

- Google only indexes independent domains.

- A domain gives customers greater trust in your webshop.
We support these payment options: