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Start Webshop

no technical experience

Regardless of technical experience

Anyone can create a webshop.

With us, no technical experience is required to set up a webshop. You know your business, your customers and your products. The information is set up in your webshop.
webshop regardless of technical experience
webshop No programming at all
No programming

No programming at all

It is not necessary to use programming to set up our webshop. The webshop's look & feel is set up with drag & drop. Product checkout flow is set up in the webshop without the use of technical terms.
No consulting hours

No expensive consulting hours

There will be no extra expensive consulting hours when you have to set up your webshop. To get your webshop live, you only need to decide on the individual elements and setup in the webshop yourself.
webshop No expensive consulting hours

Get startet, it is easy

How do I start a webshop?

Start your very own webshop from scratch, here we have a guide but some individual steps that are important to include.
It is not important that things are done in the order shown. You can jump around between things, but it is essential that you get all the way through.

Here we have 10 concrete steps that give you a good basis for starting a webshop:

1) Make a good business plan

12) Start a company for your webshop

13) The right webshop name

14) Webshop solution

15) Freight agreements

16) Payment solution

17) Design of webshop

18) Produkter

19) Marketing

10) Customer service

1) Business Plan

The most important start is always to look at your business plan. The business plan is the basis on which your webshop and your company are built.
A business plan is a document of anywhere from 2-10 pages. The important thing is that it gives a clear picture of what your why and how you want to start a business.

It is a good idea to look at these areas:

2) Start a company for your webshop

If you don't already have a business, start your own business now. This means that you will be registered for VAT and get your own CVR number.
Without a registered company, you cannot legally sell goods to your customers and it will also be difficult to make cooperation agreements with suppliers and more.

When you register a new company, you must have established a bank connection and find the perfect company name.

3) The correct webshop name

Find the best name for your webshop. A good webshop name is one that says a little about your business and at the same time differentiates itself from competing companies, so that you avoid returning customers going wrong.

Once you have found a good and unique company name, you should check whether the domain is available. Here again, it is important to ensure that there are no competitors with other domain endings, so that you get correct traffic to your webshop.
You should generally try to deselect names with æ, ø and å. Although browsers and more support national letters, you may run into email clients that do not support these letters, so communication to your webshop is lost.

If the perfect domain is not available, it may be possible to investigate whether you can buy the domain from the current owner, if it does not appear to be particularly active.
Choosing the best domain is of great importance for your webshop going forward.

4) Webshop solution

Choose a good webshop solution. If you are not a great programmer or do not want a long development time, you should choose a hosted webshop like Shopeazy.
The advantages of choosing a hosted webshop are many, but let's just mention the most important ones:

With our webshop you get a strong webshop solution with room to grow your business.

webshop start Freight agreements

5) Freight agreements

You can start up without freight agreements and simply buy freight for each individual customer when there is a need for it. But you don't have to have many daily customers before you should choose a freight agreement, so that you save time and money every day.
Especially the daily time saving by simply printing out a correct shipping label with 1 click is important to give more time for good customer service.

We recommend Shipmondo as a freight supplier for your webshop. This recommendation is based on many years of cooperation, where we have used the option of several freight companies for the same webshop.

6) Payment solution

With a Payment solution, your webshop can automatically process your customers' online payments with credit cards (Visa / Mastercard) or mobilepay.
The Shopeazy webshop solution allows you to choose between several providers of payment solutions and make an agreement with the one you prefer.

If you want to get started very quickly, you can choose to only offer Paypal, as it only requires you to register as a Paypal business customer. But here you have to consider whether your customers want to trade with this form of payment.

7) Webshop design

Your webshop is your company's window to your customers. If your customers perceive your webshop as a good place to shop, there is a good chance that you will get loyal webshop customers.
Therefore, your webshop must reflect your company's design. Your logo is an important asset here. If you have a simple and professional logo, your webshop will gain more credibility.
In addition, the design of images and colors in your webshop must match your marketing materials, so that your customers perceive your company the same regardless of how or when they meet it.

Our webshop system also offers templates at several levels, so you can easily get started with a nice and professional webshop.

webshop start products

8) Products

Your products will sell best if they are displayed in your webshop with attractive images and informative product texts. You must present your products as sincerely and attractively as possible.

9) Marketing

In order to generate traffic and customers for your webshop, marketing is necessary. If you are in a niche market, targeted marketing may be best.
Conversely, if you are in a large and competitive market, it may be good to think alternatively to get cheap marketing that nevertheless creates attention.
The following options for marketing your webshop are worth considering:

10) Customer Service

Good customer service makes for loyal customers. An important way to grow your business is to have loyal repeat customers. This is achieved through good customer service.
Good customer service is provided through quick response to customer inquiries to your webshop. But good customer service by quickly and correctly processing your customers' orders is also incredibly important.
Our webshop solution provides history with the steps you take in processing a webshop order, and is the best foundation for good order processing.

We support these payment options: