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Free webshop

Try a free webshop for 14 days

free webshop without obligation

No binding

We give you the opportunity to test our webshop for free for 14 days.
There are: no strings attached, no credit card required and no setup fee.

You simply need to register with your email address. Nothing else is needed.
webshop No binding
Free webshop for 14 days
trial period

Free webshop for 14 days

When the 14 days have passed, you can choose to pay to get the webshop or you can let the webshop expire.
With the free webshop, most functions will work as in a paid webshop. However, there will be some restrictions regarding the fact that one domain's cannot be associated with more.
try functions

Functionality in a free webshop

You also have access to all our templates, and can freely test which design style suits your business.

You can also upload images and insert texts. There is an option to prepare your free webshop to go live as a real webshop with a real domain when you are ready.
Functionality in a free webshop

Get startet, it is easy

Why choose a free webshop?

With a free webshop, you can test the webshop for 14 days and see if it suits your business.
During this period, you can set up products, product catalogues, front page, product page, receive paypal payments and much more. It's free and costs you nothing.

You must consider this before starting a free webshop:

1) Test my business page online quickly

2) Free webshop shows your products

3) A free webshop provides security

4) Are you ready for a webshop?

5) Payment methods with free webshop

6) Shipping options in the free webshop

1) Test my business idea online quickly

With a free webshop, you get the opportunity to test how your online business could look when it goes live.
You can test whether your business is suitable for having a webshop or if you would rather sell your products in another way.
You also get the opportunity to see what is essential for your customers to have a smooth buying experience when purchasing your products online.
Testing a free webshop can be an important step forward in your dream of having a webshop.

free webshop products

2) Free webshop shows your products

How do your products look best online? It can be difficult to decide without a real webshop. Therefore, a free webshop is the right place to start if you want to experience your products in a webshop.
You can also create a catalog structure where a product can be included in one or more product catalogs. The structure of the webshop products is incredibly important for your customers to find the desired products in the easiest way.
When you have some products added to the product catalog, you can test for yourself how easy it is to find a desired product.

3) A free webshop provides security

When you have to start a webshop for the first time, you will naturally be unsure about many things. - What must be ready before the webshop goes live? - Are your products easy to sell online? - Is product information correct?
You can get answers to all these questions by first creating a free webshop. In this way, a free webshop ensures that what you do works. You can therefore gain some crucial experience with having a webshop for free.
If you don't try a free webshop first, you risk wasting time and money on an expensive webshop solution that may not suit you.

4) Are you ready for a webshop?

Running a webshop, especially in the start-up phase, requires a lot from the owner, who is typically just one person. So you have to be both: seller, product developer, handle shipments and much more.
So you may be in doubt as to whether you have the time and ability to run a webshop. It e.g. it may be optimal to employ a helping hand to handle freight while you sell and develop products yourself.
In this development phase, it can be helpful to create a free webshop so that you can test whether you are ready for a webshop or if you need to expand your team.

5) Payment methods with free webshop

A decisive point for offering credit card payment is that you have an established company and are VAT registered. At the same time, you must have a real domain, which is used for handling credit card payments.
You do not get a domain with a free webshop. But it is worth considering other payment options that do not require a domain and that can work on a free webshop. However, you should be aware that all automation regarding the registration of payments requires an agreement on credit card payments.

Shipping options free webshop

6) Shipping options in free webshop

The option to set up shipping methods in a free webshop will be the same as in a paid webshop. But all automation around freight requires an agreement with a freight supplier, which in turn requires a real domain associated with your webshop.
A free webshop allows you to see how shipping can be set up.

Payment for shipping in a free webshop is calculated in 2 ways:

1) A fixed payment independent of the number of orders

2) A shipping price calculated according to the total weight of the order.

Option number 2 is preferable if your products weigh differently and this weight has an impact on what the total shipment will cost.

We support these payment options: