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For you who want to sell:
follow your passion

Your passion

Let your passion be the driving force in your webshop. Your interests and your product knowledge are always a good starting point for the content of your webshop.

Passionate people have a greater chance of succeeding. Therefore, your customers will be able to feel that you are passionate about what you do.
webshop Your passion
webshop for the creative persons
sell your creations

For the creative persons

Do you want to see if your creativity can be sold? It's easier than you think. Start a webshop and sell your creative works here.

There is no reason to choose an expensive webshop created by expensive consultants. The most important thing is that you get started as soon as possible and get to know your customers better.
get startet, it is easy

Open you own webshop

The most important thing is to get started with your webshop so that you get to know your customers and their expectations of your product.

Many often wait until they have a complete product list before starting a webshop. But it is better to start with few products and focus on how your customers perceive your product.
open you own webshop

It is easy

Go live with your new webshop in less than 15 minutes.
1) Select template
Create a profile and choose a template that you like.
2) Create products
Create products with name, price and image.
3) Go live
Make a post on Facebook or similar. and wait for the first order.

Create your own webshop: advantages

There are many advantages to creating your own webshop rather than having digital consultants to prepare a webshop for you.
Here we will look at a number of considerations in connection with choosing whether you want to create your own webshop or not:

1) Flexibility

2) You know your webshop best

3) Red line between products and webshop

4) Expensive consultants

5) Save money on operation

6) Help with marketing

7) Webshop requires no technical experience

1) Flexibility

An obvious advantage of creating your own webshop is flexibility. A webshop is typically undergoing change. This is partly due to annual advertising campaigns and new product types. But this is also because a webshop needs to remain modern, so that your customers perceive your webshop as modern.
This constant change requires flexibility. You may need to run a quick offer campaign or just do a Black Friday sale. If you have to get hold of external consultants every time to make minor changes, it is expensive and very inflexible.
If, on the other hand, you have created your own webshop, you also gain flexibility in relation to new changes.

own webshop products

2) You know your webshop best

You know your business and the needs of your webshop best. Therefore, you will also be the best to make changes to that webshop so that it is in line with your business.
If you depend on external consultants, you may find that your permanent consultant is ill for a period or has resigned from his position, and then a completely new person has to take over.
It takes time and costs money.

3) Common thread between products and webshop

You may have developed or selected the products that are sold in your webshop. Therefore, an external consultant may find it difficult to design a webshop that presents your products in the best way.
In other words, you can run the risk of your external consultant not understanding your product 100%. In this situation, it will be a clear advantage if you can create your own webshop.

4) Expensive consultants

For a start-up company in need of a webshop, the cost of an external consultant will be a very expensive item. Since your webshop has not been live yet, you cannot be sure of an income. Therefore, it is a big investment to spend a lot of money on developing a new webshop.
In addition, external consultants spend several months developing your webshop. They first need to understand your business before they can get started, and at the same time they have other projects that demand their time.
If you can create your own webshop, it will save you a large expense, and you will get started with your online business faster.

5) Save money on operations

It is not only in the start-up phase where it is expensive not to create your own webshop. If you have to pay a consultancy to keep your webshop up and running, this expense will almost always be far greater than if it is a webshop that you have made yourself.
This operating expense will typically consist of both a fixed service fee and an hourly fee each time a consultant has to carry out work for you. Many newly started webshops do not make a profit in the first 6 months, which is very natural. Therefore, the fixed operating costs of that webshop can become a heavy burden.

own webshop marketing

6) Help with marketing

Creating your own webshop does not mean that you have to do all other tasks yourself. There are many digital consultants who only work with marketing your webshop. By creating your own webshop and hiring external help for marketing, you get specialists who only need one thing that is directly measurable.
If you instead have the advantage of dividing the work, where you yourself are responsible for creating your own webshop, while others are busy with marketing your webshop.

7) Webshop requires no technical experience

We should rather state that it does not require technical experience to create your own webshop. So if you can't program, it's not an obstacle to creating a webshop. The most important thing is that you have knowledge of IT at user level and that you know your own business.
The work you put into creating your own webshop will pay off in the long run, both in terms of time and money saved. In addition, you will always be able to help create your webshop yourself. It is of course attractive to have others create your webshop, but it is a significant expense for start-up and operation.
At the same time, it is only by creating your own webshop that you get all the way into the engine room of the webshop and gain the best understanding of how to get the best out of a webshop.

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